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Published by admin on 21 Dec 2008

Here’s a little something…

Just a small addition to the sweet feet clan!  You’ll find it if you scroll down to the end of the Sweet Feet category.  Oh, and the KnitPro’s are all added now.  Loverleyyyy!

I actually want these for me, but alas, I already have just too many projects OTN!

Published by admin on 19 Dec 2008

KnitPro has hit these shores!

They’ve come!  A lovely big box of knitting worderfulness!  They used to ba called KnitPicks, but they’re all shiny and newly rebranded.  The needles are still the same high quality, smooth, sharp pointed and colourful ones that are a real pleasure to knit with.  You’ll find needles to suit the whole range of Artist’s Palette Yarns.  The range will be extended further in the future to include straights in the usual dk and aran sizes (though the interchangeables would do that for you now), and I hope to bring you the fine, long circulars that would especially suit the cobweb weights when knitting fine shawls.  Here is a pic to whet your appetite.  They’re being added gradually to the shop……..

Published by admin on 10 Dec 2008

New stuff! Hurrah

Tiz about time there was a bit of new eye candy hereabouts! AP has been a tad busy this last little while, but Stash is now well sorted with Paletty goodness.  If you’re down that way, do pop in and take a peek.  Buy some Buttersoft dk before it all goes.  It’s only there ’til January, though there is lots of other yarny goodness to be had there! You can read a little about the yarn tasting here (scroll down), here and here.  They tell it much better than I could! And I forgot to take my camera anyway and they’ve got pics. A lovely evening, with lovely ladies.

So, anyway….I’ve been able to dye for the shop again, so here is a little look at some new things…

Rescue yarn which is Islandic Lopi, and chunky!

Glossy Quickstep merino tencel in blues

Darker blues,

Too-late-for-halloween pumpkin orange, plus some pretty pinks and purples in Sweet Feet and Pop Sox.  Oh, yes, and a few new merino rovings in darker shades.  Yum!

Knitpicks are on their way.  I’m going to be really mean and show you a pic of the gorgeous dpn cases I have, just waiting for the sets of dpns to match…

Nice, huh?  The needles are their newly re-branded ones, and they will be called ‘KnitPro’.  I may even have an interchangeable set or two.  Just in time to leave on the screen for Christmas present hints!

Happy knitting…….