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Published by admin on 25 Aug 2009


Well, we all had a whale of a time!  The show was such fun and had a really lovely atmosphere.  It was set at Coldharbour Mill in Devon. My friend Joy, who very kindly volunteered to help me out on Saturday (which enabled me to not pass out due to lack of food/coffee etc!),  has some lovely pictures of the mill on her blog here.   Thank you Joy :)

Here is the fruits of our labours….


And my little itty bitty Sunday ‘helpers’…


…who, I have to say, were remarkably well behaved most of the time, and who got to do lots of other fun things..


though this bit wasn’t at the mill!  Just look at that little smiley face :)


Everyone has worked to hard to make the weekend such a success, especially John and Juliet , Juliet’s dad (we compared notes about names!), and loads of helpers around the mill, none of whom seemed to go home at all the whole weekend.  The caterers were specially wonderful and had we not bottled out of camping at the last minute and booked into a midge-free hotel who did breakfasts, all out meals would have been there.  They didn’t seem to go home either and stayed open from early breakfast to after-show dinner.

You all worked so hard for us, and kept smiling the whole time. Thank you.

I had the chance to catch up with people I have only met briefly before, and meet other lovely stallholders, customers I’ve had contact with through the shop, and lots of new people too.  Eirwen and Chris from the Knitwitches stand opposite us kept us laughing all weekend, and Eirwen even managed to bribe Anna May into behaving with a little skein of yarn.  Eirwen, can you come live with us ;p  It was lovely to meet Clare on another stall opposite us, who is Nimu, with Mr Nimu, baby Nimu and grandma Nimu, and to have some proper chats with Megan, who is The Thylacine, and Mr M.

Finally, I have my own haul of goodies:-

First a little 30g batt from Sarah’s Texture Crafts.  It was only £2.75!  I’ve already spun it into a singles, still on the wheel.  It’s my first go at an on-purpose singles…


Then there is this lovely braid from Megan, in the most gorgeous oatmeal BFL and silk in Cherry and Espresso.  I want to spin a sock yarn like Liz does here!  I think Megan’s really got something with these oatmeal fibres and yarns.  They’re really different and beautifully subtle and natural looking.

Then there is this lovely skein of Dollywaggon, a laceweight mohair from Nimu.  It turns out that Anna May had been eyeing this one up all weekend too.  I have plans for a Victiorian Lace Today stylee shawl.  I might have a go at making something up, as I am curerntly in love with shawlettes, rather than huge triangles or square/rectangular stoles.  I shall be poring over the design-your-own pages at the end of the book.  Kudos to Clare for managing to have a baby, get over that nasty flu thingy AND dye lots of yarn for the show all at the same time.


And lastly a spinning project!  This is about 500g of naturally dyed fleece from Artisan Threads.  They were next door and I had been eyeing up the lovely bags of colour all weekend. The provenance of the fleece is known, sometimes down to the actual sheep  Me, being a numpty, forgot to make a note of which little darlings grew this particular fluff. (I have 2 different sheep here!)   It’s still in the grease, so will be a new challenge for me.   I like new challenges :)   I would like to make a woolen 2-ply dk yarn.   I can see me stalking their online shop a lot :)   Just look at these colours…


We will be adding stock to the shop gradually over the next week or so.  I promised my children that I will not ignore them for the remaining 2 weeks of the summer holidays, so the updating will be going on in the evenings, and will include a brand new sock yarn :D

Juliet xx

Published by admin on 21 Aug 2009


We’re off to Fibrefest today.  Car one full of yarn, yarn, fibre, more yarn, oh and a bit more yarn on top of that.

Car two full of tents, sleeping bags, teapot, kettle and kettle heater upperer, lots of baby wipes, oh and children.

The shop has been partly destocked to add to the pile, but will be restocked next week with lots more goodies.  The KnitPro stuff will have arrived by then too, with more sizes of dpn’s, amongst other things.

I’ll leave you with a sunny yarny picture in the colour for Septembers Sockdown:Ravelry! 2009-2010 challenge.  A specially comissioned Nancy Bush mystery sock pattern in yellow!! Can’t wait to cast on!


PS.  There’ll be some in the shop next week :)

Published by admin on 19 Aug 2009

Ishbel and Anna

Here’s my little honey, plainly more interested in My Sims Kingdom than Ishbel!


Smootherino, making for a warm, springy shawlette.  BTW did I mention I am becoming slightly obsessed with shawlettes?


As yet unblocked Ishbel in the gorgeously soft Gleam lite silk.


And a half finished Damson in Smootherino, dyed in my favourite colour.

There will be lots of smootherino semi solids available in the shop next week, after Fibrefest, as I’ve given in to my semi-solid urge!


Published by admin on 01 Aug 2009

Important info for week beginning 1st August

As we will be sunning (!) ourselves on the Essex coast next week, there will be no posting out of parcels.  The shop will stay open but the first day orders will be posted will be Monday August 10th.

I’ve googled wool shops and discovered that Clacton-on-Sea next door has a shop of woolly interest, but by far the most significant thing is that P&M Woolcraft is en route.   Oh, dear….oh very, very dear.  OK,  so I need a tensioned lazy kate.  No I do.  I wonder if I could get a Lendrum thrown in the deal, hmmmmm, <drums fingers thoughtfully>.  I’ll pop a bit of fluff in my handbag – there’s Majacraft to play with as well………….

Apologies for any inconvenience

Published by admin on 01 Aug 2009

Cotswold Craft Market

We are goint to miss the Market this time,  on 8th August, but shall be back for the September one