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Published by admin on 11 Jan 2010

KnitPro goodies are here!

They didn’t quite make it in time for Christmas!  They’re very nice though…

KP038 spectra trendz-c

KP039 clear set-c

There’s also some sock blockers in a trial medium size, and the versatile KnitPro set of interchangeable crochet hooks.

New yarns are trickling into the shop this week too, and there is a stocking up of the bargain basket in keeping with the January bargainous themes.

Happy knitting:)

Published by admin on 08 Jan 2010

Huge apology to Fleegle

If you have seen the latest copy of The Knitter, you may have seen the yarn review for Heirloom Gossamer.  I would like to say that the yarn was NOT designed either BY me or FOR me, but was designed by and for Fleegle.

Here is an extract from the letter I sent to accompany the yarn:

“The Heirloom Gossamer was designed by, and custom spun for, a superb lace knitter and cyber friend of mine, Fleegle.  (

There was much discussion on her Ravelry group, heirloom knitting, about what would constitute the perfect lace yarn for heirloom Shetland and gossamer shawls.”

Both Fleegle and I have contacted the magazine.  I know the fault is not mine, but I am still sincerely sorry for any offence this has caused.

Published by admin on 05 Jan 2010


It’s that time of year again!  Here’s what’s in the sale…..

Buttersoft dk

Pop Sox (older spinning – the new soon-to-be-here Pop Sox is just very slightly different in feel, having been spun at a different mill due to the closure of the old mill – still in the UK though!)

Gleam, the dk weight silk  (will sub for Debbie Bliss Silk, should you be so inspired)

Gleam lite, the 4ply weight silk (fab for shawly things – a large Ishbel will take 2)

Softee, the alpaca lace.

…and what remains of the fibre.

What’s NOT in the sale is the sock yarn (other than Pop Sox mentioned above), the Glisten, Damsel  and all the KnitPro.

There should have been lots more sock yarn coming your way today, along with more lace and a stocking up of the Bargain Basket BUT….. my dear little 4yr old, bless his little hand knitted wool and nylon socks, whilst playing train games on the computer yesterday managed to completely delete the folder of pictures we took last week.  And that means completely deleted!  He mysteriously managed to disappear them from the harddrive, and we’ve been unable to retreive them.  Which means an emergency photo session this evening!

Hopefully tomorrow…..

Happy bargain hunting :)