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Published by admin on 28 Feb 2011

Yarn Forward, round 2!

Yarn Forward this month (issue 35) has another pattern in APY!!! It’s the Drops Sweater by Shweta Shankar Khatri.  I was slightly caught on the hop with this one.  Yarn was supplied ages ago at IKnit in September and had heard nothing since, sooo…. there was no yarn in the shop :$.  Much dyeing later, and there is!

I was curious how the two yarns would work together.  There is the thick, soft and heavily drapey aran, drapey because of all the alpaca and bamboo in it, and the thin and bouncy merino silk heavy-lacewieght.  I haven’t seen it in real life, but it seems to have worked!  It reminds me a little of those drop stitch oversized sweaters that were around in the eighties, kind of gothic/punk, usually in black and very easy to wear.

Anyhooo, there is yarn in the original blues:

and some other options I enjoyed putting together..

The complimentary yarn bases were dyed together, at the same time,  for each colour.  Can you see how the dye takes differently in the yarns?  How  the alpaca yarn looks softer in colour, and the merino silk yarn takes up the colour more vibrantly?  Interesting to have a direct comparisson, methinks.

And I had an aran sweater in my head with a grey body and maize fairisle yoke……



Published by admin on 14 Feb 2011

Rocio, Glisten, damsons and dk

May I introduce you to Rocio, a beautiful silk stole designed by the very talented Ruth Garcia-Alcantud, appearing in this month’s Yarn Forward magazine (issue 35).  The stole uses just 2 skeins of Glisten, shown here in colour G7075.  Or why not try it in the blue-purple of G7081 or perhaps the pinks of G7078, summery oranges of G7071…….?

Ruth has other lovely stole, shawl and sock patterns, amongst other things, on her website and in her Ravelry store.

I’ve also been dyeing more yarn for the popular Damson Cowl pattern by Kirstie McLeod in issue 26 of  The Knitter.  It’s MC1002#2, Merino Cashmere dk, but you might also be inspired by the subtle colour changes in MC1009, or the bright MC1006….

Happy knitting :D

Published by admin on 10 Jun 2009

Pattern Resources

I don’t do patterns, so I thought I’d show you some of my favourite pattern books, websites and designers who all do patterns suitable for your Artist’s Palette yarn.

Coming very soon when I can get lots of time to sit and link!