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Published by admin on 02 Nov 2009

This week I’ve been mostly……

…..having fun!

Half term has been upon us – some pics in a minute , but first… I have been reorganising the Buttersoft, and adding a few more colours.  I have quite a few semi solids, and as I was sorting them out in the shop I noticed how good they would be for a bit of colourwork.  What says you?

buttersoft semi solids

You may find some colourwork inspiration on this lovely blog.

I’ve also been spinning.  (LOTS of fun!)   Here is a singles from a braid of merino I sneakily kept back for myself at Wonderwool!  It is my first proper spun-on-purpose single, about dk weight, and I have still to complete the second skein.  I’m pretty chuffed with it – I’m thinking slouchy beret..

spinning merino singles

Then there was Croome Park with lots of space for running around,

croome park house

molehills to dig up,

croome molehills

and ladybirds to examine!

croom examining ladybirds

There were dozens of them.  Here is just one!

croome ladybird

And, being autumm, lots and lots of leaves to throw at each other.

croome leaves

Then there was Halloween.   The hair started off all Morticia, but after 2 years in the dressing up box it’s definitely more Russell Brand!


Well, I think  that’s enough frivolity.  Back to work………. blues and greens Smoothie Sock to put up in the shop…..

Happy knitting xx.

Published by admin on 05 Sep 2008

Weather 1 Juliet 0

I really really didn’t want to, but it has had to come to it.  I cannot see in my dining room in the day as there is so much yarn in various stages from slightly damp, through soggy, to ringing wet hanging on the dryer, aka the curtain rail.  So out trundled the heater. We now can’t get through the dining room door without stooping very low as that is now where the yarn is hanging with the heater underneath, gently humidifying the house.  House will be as humidified as outside soon, probably with added peeling wallpaper!  At least we well be able to see to eat our breakfast without having to turn the light on.

As you may be able to gather, yarn is steadily being dyed, including some new gorgeous aran I’m trying out, for all you ‘thickies’ (!) out there.  I’ve done 3 skeins in my favourite-at-the-moment deep rose red semi-solid to knit Ysolda’s Leisl so you guys can see just how pretty it all is – yarn and pattern.  I hope to have some ready for The Cotswold Craft Market on Saturday 13th Sept for those lucky Cirencesterites to squoosh, then we’ll pop it in the shop.  Tempting piccies soon when/if it clears up enough to take some :roll:

Bye for now x

Published by admin on 25 Aug 2008

One down, many more to go!

Well, we did it!  Our first craft market stall!

When we arrived and were shown our table, all 12 foot of it, we thought we’d manage about half a table at the most, but amazingly we managed expanded to all 12 feet without it being overspread at all. In fact, much less wouldnt have been quite enough!

We had a lovely day in all, and we managed to cover all our costs, which was our goal, seeing as nobody really knows we are there.  Lots of people took away our details, but the best bit was talking to the customers.  I’m usually plagued with shyness, but just a ‘Do you knit?’ here and there resulted in some lovely and interesting conversations, and they were all really happy to talk about their knitting, past and present, proving that knitters really are some of the nicest people around (as if it needed proving!).  We had really positive comments about the stall, the colours and even the name!  We went home tired but positive, and looking forward to the next one…..which is…13th September.

Almost set up.  The place is an almost derelict hotel which is the markets temporary home until the Corn Hall next door, it’s usual place, has been refurbished.  And here is a picture of what’s opposite:

A bit of Cirencester Parish Church.  Lovely, n’est pas?

That’s all for now xx

Published by admin on 11 Aug 2008

Just when you thought you were safe………

I want to introduce you to a new level of yarny loveliness.  It’s called Tiptoe, and its a heavyish 4ply/fingering.  The best bit is it’s made from 80% superfine alpaca and 20% silk, and it really is to die for. It’s super soft, and has the cool, smooth feel that you get with really good alpaca, and a kind of drapyness and weight from the silk.  There’s 262 metres per 100g which makes it almost a light DK.  It would make the most luxurious socks, probably on 2.75-3mm.  Haven’t test knitted it yet, but will soon. I just HAVE to knit with this one!

Two colours in the shop now, and more on the way-swinging in the sunshine!

If only you could put you hand into the picture and give it a squish!  Ahhhhhhhh.

I’ve got more to tell you, so stay right where you are!!

I’m sure you’ll agree there is no substitute for seeing, feeling and sniffing yarny goodness.  The internet is a great place, but………. . Well, now you can.  If you want to squidge the sock yarn, just pop along to The Knitting Parlour in Malvern.  And if you want to see the whole range, I will be having a stall about once a month at The Cotswold Craft Market in Cirencester, Glos. Dates yet to be confirmed, but as soon as I know, you’ll know!

And another thing…….

We at APYarns are a compassionate pair.  We also don’t like to see anything going to waste, so we’ve decided to launch a line alongside our luxury yarns which we’re calling ‘Rescue Yarn’.  We acquire yarn that is no longer loved, saving it from an eternity in lofts and long forgotted backs of cupboards, and give it an Artist’s Palette makeover.  The yarn becomes once again happy and desirable!  So far, the yarns we have acquired are all thicker than our standard range, and are robust fellows.  With a rougher feel than the new yarns, these would be great for accessories.  Bags spring to mind, and as they are not superwash treated, they should felt fabulously.  They’re under New Products, but here’s a quick peek…

Not bad, huh?

Off to stir the porridge and stop the kids killing each other! xx

Published by admin on 07 Aug 2008

Family Introductions

I’d like to introduce you to our newest family member.  She’s called Meg, and I am sure you’ll agree she is rather lovely.

Isn’t she pretty.  For those of you who cant tell, she’s an Ashford Traveller.  I got her from a friend of my aunt-in-law (hello to both - waves), complete with a big bag of dyed mohair, partially spun.  I’ve been practicing and have filled the bobbin that was started and have got halfway through a second bobbin.  Got lots of fluff up my nose though!  I’ve never spun mohair, and I think I can see why its usually spun commercially with nylon or silk. It’s VERY slippery!  Nice to spin though when you get the feel.  I just hope it will hold together when the plying begins.  We shall see, and so will you ;-p.

News of a yarny nature to come soon, so stay tuned folks.