Published by admin on 07 May 2010

Damsel plus, later…

If you’re lurking around on the website later this evening (about 8 pm BST), you should see a whole bunch of Damsel plus appearing!  The first two test-skeins disappeared rapidly some time ago, so I am really pleased to at last get some more on the shelves.

It is a lofty and bouncy heavy laceweight 80% Extra Fine Merino and 20%  Silk, with 800m to 100g, and here is a taste of the colours from the cooler end of the spectrum…

Published by admin on 05 May 2010


I’m so very glad that I have discovered the wonders of handspinning.  I’m no expert, far from it, but I am getting the hang!  I’ve even managed to knit an FO of which I am quite proud.  It’s Daybreak, by Stephen West.

daybreak on chairdaybreak closeup

The medium brown that starts the shawl, mid-neck, is semi solid Smoothie Sock and the rest is a 2-ply spun from a large braid of superwash Blufaced Leicester, dyed by me.  I’m just blown away by the way the hanspun shows as really striping where it’s separated by the brown.  The closeup shows the last dozen or so rows of just handspun.

My success led me, of course, to the internet in search of more fibrey goodness.  I had a small accident at Daniela Kloppmann’s  FeltStudioUK etsy shop..

fs uk green braidfs uk blue braid They came with a lovely mini batt, which caused another accident, this time a 3 month sub to Daniela’s 8oz batt club!  And then I got to meet Daniela and her fibres in real live person when we were setting up for Wonderwool on the Friday!  Her fibres and colours are truly mouthwatering, and I fell in love with a set of batts that actually kept me awake that night!  I think I may have been Daniela’s first sale before the doors opened on Saturday!  Here it is – I just love the way it looks like a complete landscape..

lanscape batt I can’t tell you just how gorgeous this fibre is.  I’m sure it would photograph better out of the bag, but I don’t want to mess it up trying to get it back in again! I have a plan to spin a single from each one, starting by pulling strips off from one end, and matching  it with the second single, to get a single colour shift from one end of the yarn to the other.

If you’re a spinner of felter, you seriously need to give her shop a visit.  If you’re not a spinner or felter, then you still seriously need to give her shop a visit, because she is also a hugely talented Art Yarn spinner.

Just in case you missed it, it’s FeltStudioUK:D

Published by admin on 30 Apr 2010

Well, hello there!

So, Wonderwool is done and dusted, and much fun was had.  There were so many smiley people, and I love the whole setting up shop/stallholding thing and meeting lots of lovely people, all connected together with a common love (or maybe obsession!) of all things fibrey.

Here is a supercute fluffy thing who was inhabiting the stand opposite.  Just look at those tufts!

angora bunny

and here is the Artist’s Palette Wall.

apy yarn wall

What you can’t tell from this is that the yarn is  (mostly – it was day 2!) 3 skeins deep!

There is lots left and it will be uploaded onto the site in batches.  We are trying to get out heads around a new way of updating, which will make it much quicker in the long run to enter all the data and pics, and will result in a one-press upload onto the site.  The first one will be sometime today, fingers crossed, which will be the Smoothie Sock.  Due to the way the site works, the new entries will appear underneath the current entries.  We’ll see how it goes.  I can’t tie it down to a time yet though.  I suppose you could say it’s still in it’s Beta phase!  Here is a little taster of what’s to be added..


Next post – fluff!

Published by admin on 21 Apr 2010

We’re off to Wonderwool!

A mountain of new yarn, lots of  fibre, and stock from the shop will all be making its way to The Royal Welsh showground in Builth Wells this weekend.  Here’s a hint of what might be in store…….

swirl 1swirl 2swirl 3

swirl 4swirl 5swirl 6

Smoothie Sock painted landscapes!

It would be lovely to see you there  :D

Published by admin on 15 Mar 2010

So smooth!

The Smootherino has been updated with some of these…..


and you’ll find a few of the older ones at discounted prices if you navigate to the end of the Smootherino pages.

Happy Smoothing!  xx

Published by admin on 10 Feb 2010


Just to let you now that orders placed from tomorrow , Thursday 11th Feb 2010 to Monday 15th Feb 2010 will be posted out on Tuesday 16th Feb 2010. We have a date with the Tower Of London, amongst other things!  Let’s hope I come back with both the children ;p

Published by admin on 10 Feb 2010


More silky goodness..




Glisten, 50g skeins, 400m per skein.

Published by admin on 09 Feb 2010

Anna’s Lace, hurrah!

There’s a whole new batch of Anna’s Lace, and I’ve fallen back in love with it!  I feel I’ve really got the hang of how it performs with the dye, and I’ve got some lovely deep colours.   Here is a peek, and there are more colours to go on soon.




Purdy, huh?   And it’s sooo soft!

Published by admin on 11 Jan 2010

KnitPro goodies are here!

They didn’t quite make it in time for Christmas!  They’re very nice though…

KP038 spectra trendz-c

KP039 clear set-c

There’s also some sock blockers in a trial medium size, and the versatile KnitPro set of interchangeable crochet hooks.

New yarns are trickling into the shop this week too, and there is a stocking up of the bargain basket in keeping with the January bargainous themes.

Happy knitting:)

Published by admin on 08 Jan 2010

Huge apology to Fleegle

If you have seen the latest copy of The Knitter, you may have seen the yarn review for Heirloom Gossamer.  I would like to say that the yarn was NOT designed either BY me or FOR me, but was designed by and for Fleegle.

Here is an extract from the letter I sent to accompany the yarn:

“The Heirloom Gossamer was designed by, and custom spun for, a superb lace knitter and cyber friend of mine, Fleegle.  (

There was much discussion on her Ravelry group, heirloom knitting, about what would constitute the perfect lace yarn for heirloom Shetland and gossamer shawls.”

Both Fleegle and I have contacted the magazine.  I know the fault is not mine, but I am still sincerely sorry for any offence this has caused.

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