We’re building our stock week by week, and this week we have an exciting new addition to the fold. I did some sneak peek pics, but they were all blurred! So you’ll just have to wait! Its a brand new 4ply yarn, and is very luxurious. It is indeed handpainted heaven! It’s just been a bit frustrating not being able to get as much done as I would have liked, especially as we have had splendid drying weather. The kids are off school, see, and are too young to self-entertain for too long, so park/swimming/picnics/country walks it is. Not that I am actually complaining. I am one of a minority, I suspect, who really enjoys them being home. We’ve worked hard to enable me to be at home as much as poss, and I truly feel lucky that I can spend so much time with them:-)

I’ve also been experimenting with Sweet Feet. It’s such a lovely 4ply that I thought it would work really well for baby clothes. Its super soft, anti-bac and machine washable. I’ve a little something to show you just to prove I was right (I like being right!). I’ll post progress separately so it can go in the gallery.